BONUS FUMARI - Novel marine monitoring methods (WP 2)

Novel marine monitoring methods can improve environmental monitoring by supplementing or replacing currently applied methods. Here we provide an overview and evaluation of selected methods suited for future Baltic Sea monitoring.

In general terms, monitoring aims to gain insights into the condition of the environment, evaluate its condition and its development over time. This is required for an effective management to enhance the condition of the marine environment.

In a concise and standardised way, the website helps you to find information on emerging methods many practitioners may not be aware of.

This work is done as part of the Work Package 2 of the BONUS FUMARI project.

If you have any questions concerning the content of this website, please contact Leoni Mack or Kristian Meissner.

Furthermore, an analysis of the websites contents will be published around March 2020, which will be linked to the BONUS FUMARI project website.