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Several tools describing, visualising, diagnosing and predicting the effects of multiple stressors on freshwater ecosystems are currently developed in the MARS project. The tools mainly address river basin and water managers, but will also inform interested stakeholders and the general public.

The multiple-stressor information tools will be a wiki-like platform addressing the effects of multiple stressors and options to mitigate their effects in all kinds of freshwater ecosystems. This platform will provide background information and example case studies on major multi-stressor combinations in Europe.

The diagnostic tool will help water managers identifying and diagnosing multiple stressors and their effects on single or multiple water bodies. The tool will be interactive and allows the user to indicate stressor values or assessment results and hence acts like a "freshwater doctor", to help identify multiple stressors and to suggest potential management measures to reduce the stressors and/or to cure their adverse effects.

The scenario tool will provide a catchment-scale perspective of the multiple stressor situation and thus will inform the diagnosis. The tool will also allow to estimate the effects of changing multiple stressor combinations, for example, due to future changes in land use.